18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (2024)

    Can't make it to NYC? Make the city's best bites to your own kitchen.

    by Hannah LoewentheilBuzzFeed Staff

    There's no doubt that New York is one of the greatest food cities in the world. Whether you live far away and can't swing a trip or you're a loyal New Yorker craving your favorite dishes, here are some iconic NYC restaurant dishes you can recreate right in your own kitchen.

    1. Carbone's Spicy Rigatoni Vodka

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (2)

    Indulgent Eats / Via indulgenteats.com

    There are two obstacles involved in getting your hands on Mario Carbone's famous spicy rigatoni. First, you have to snag a coveted reservation at Carbone, and second, you'll have to shell out over $30 for a bowl. Or, of course, you could just try making it from scratch. Get the recipe for Carbone's spicy rigatoni vodka here.

    2. Roberta’s Bee-Sting Pizza

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (3)

    Shared Appetite / Via sharedappetite.com

    If you've ever been to Roberta's, the Bushwick, Brooklyn pizzeria that is among the best in NYC, you're probably familiar with the "bee sting" pizza, a sweet-meets-spicy combination of creamy mozzarella, hot soppressata, and honey. Try making it at home with your favorite homemade or store bought pizza dough. Get the recipe for Roberta's bee-sting pizza here.

    3. Levain Bakery's Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (4)

    A Bountiful Kitchen / Via abountifulkitchen.com

    There might not be a more delicious cookie on this planet than Levain's gooey, thick, and decadent chocolate chip walnut creation. When you make these at home, try to use both cake flour and AP flour for the best results. Get the recipe for Levain Bakery's chocolate chip walnut cookies here.

    Always Order Dessert / Via alwaysorderdessert.com

    You use olive oil in your cooking all the time, but have you ever used it in your baking? If the answer is no, this indulgent cake inspired by Mailino on Gramercy Park will change your mind. Get the recipe for Maialino's orange olive oil cake here.

    5. Xian Famous Foods' Spicy Cumin Lamb Biang Biang Noodles

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (5)

    The Woks of Life / Via thewoksoflife.com

    If you don't have the time to make the noodles from scratch, try to find fresh, store-bought hand-pulled noodles. That will make your home-cooked dish most similar to that of fast casual chain, Xi'an Famous Foods. Get the recipe for Xian Famous Foods' spicy cumin lamb biang biang noodles here.

    6. Prince Street Pizza's Sicilian Pepperoni Pizza

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (6)

    Baking Steel / Via bakingsteel.com

    This Nolita institution always draws a line around the block for its Sicilian pizza topped with thick and crispy pepperoni. Do yourself a favor and make 72-hour pizza dough from scratch. It will be well worth the effort. Get the recipe for Prince Street Pizza's Sicilian pepperoni pizza here.

    Feeling Foodish / Via feelingfoodish.com

    This eastern European recipe of Jewish descent was perfected by Breads Bakery. It's basically a moist and flaky braided braid with decadent chocolate swirls. Pro tip: It tastes just as good for breakfast as it does for dessert. Get the recipe for Breads Bakery's chocolate babka here.

    The Girl Who Ate Everything / Via the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

    Magnolia Bakery's light and fluffy banana pudding is so much easier to replicate than you'd expect. In fact, all you need are five ingredients: condensed milk, vanilla instant pudding mix, heavy cream, bananas, and Nilla Wafers, Get the recipe for Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding here.

    9. Clinton St. Baking Co.'s Blueberry Pancakes

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (7)

    Top With Cinnamon / Via topwithcinnamon.com

    Not your ordinary pancake, this iconic recipe from Clinton Street Baking Co. on Manhattan's Lower East Side calls for flour, buttermilk, eggs, vanilla extract, salted butter, and lots of blueberries. Get the recipe for Clinton St. Baking Co.'s blueberry pancakes here.

    10. Momof*cku Noodle Bar's Pork Buns

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (8)

    Honest Cooking / Via honestcooking.com

    If you don't have the time to make Momof*cku-style steamed pork buns from scratch, opt for a store bought fresh or frozen version. These airy buns get filled with roasted pork belly, then garnished with scallions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce. Get the recipe for Momof*cku Noodle Bar's pork buns here.

    11. Balthazar's French Onion Gratinée

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (9)

    Feed and Be Fed / Via feedandbefed.com

    This French brasserie is a SoHo institution for a reason. Their iconic soup is made with a thick top layer of country bread and tangy, melty Gruyère cheese. Get the recipe for Balthazar's French onion gratinée here.

    12. ABC Cocina's Spring Pea Guacamole

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (10)

    Once Upon a Chef / Via onceuponachef.com

    Leave it to chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, owner of ABC Cocina, to discover that fresh green peas are the perfect addition to a bowl of creamy and zesty guacamole. Get the recipe for ABC Cocina's spring pea guacamole here.

    13. Beecher's Mac 'n' Cheese

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (11)

    The Baker Upstairs / Via thebakerupstairs.com

    While Beecher's Flagship cheese is sold at grocery stores around the country, you can use any sharp white cheddar if you can't get your hands on it. Get the recipe for Beecher's mac 'n' cheese here.

    14. Milk Bar's Birthday Cake Truffles

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (12)

    The Salted Cookie / Via thesaltedcookie.com

    It doesn't have to be your birthday to treat yourself to these seriously sweet Milk Bar truffles. The secret ingredient: a whole lotta butter. Get the recipe for Momof*cku Milk Bar's birthday cake truffles here.

    15. Rezdôra's Ragu Modenese Recipe

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (13)

    I Am a Food Blog / Via iamafoodblog.com

    Rezdôra serves recipes from Italy's Emilia Romagna region like this hearty and savory pork ragu, which is made with prosciutto, mortadella, ground pork, vegetables, and chicken stock. Get the recipe for Rezdôra's ragu modenese here.

    16. Shake Shack's Cheeseburger

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (14)

    A Cozy Kitchen / Via acozykitchen.com

    You could use plain old ground beef, but we find the best results when we use a combination of ground sirloin and chuck beef. Of course, you can't forget Shake Shack's special sauce made with mayo, ketchup, pickle brine, cayenne, and paprika. Get the recipe for Shake Shack's cheeseburger here.

    17. Veselka's Cabbage Soup

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (15)

    Smitten Kitchen / Via smittenkitchen.com

    This East Village mainstay serves eastern European classics like pierogi, borscht, and this comforting cabbage soup. Ready in under an hour, it's the kind of recipe you'll want to make in bulk and freeze for a rainy day. Get the recipe for Veselka's cabbage soup here.

    18. The Halal Guys' Middle Eastern Chicken and Rice

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (16)

    Dinner Then Dessert / Via dinnerthendessert.com

    There are halal carts and then there's The Halal Guys, New York's most iconic street cart for chicken over rice. When you make it at home, don't forget the spicy Sriracha yogurt sauce, which ties together the whole dish. Get the recipe for The Halal Guys' Middle Eastern chicken and rice here.

    18 NYC Restaurant Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home (2024)


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    You can't think of New York food without one thing coming to mind: pizza! The first pizzeria in the country, Lombardi's, was opened in Manhattan's Little Italy in 1905.

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