9 Best Places to Buy Girly Car Accessories (2024)

9 Best Places to Buy Girly Car Accessories (1)

Where can a girl who loves her car too much, shop for the perfect seat covers, steering cover, floor mats, or license plate frame for it, which are just the right combination of classy and cute? WheelZine has compiled a list of appealing options for those who wish to purchase girly car accessories.

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Did You Know?

With car accessories for girls gaining popularity recently, many leading motor vehicle accessory stores, for example, Halfords, a major chain of car accessory, and spare part stores in Europe, have begun to stock up on the same. Dedicated stores catering to these products have also sprung up in the last few years.

With girls today wanting to pimp up their ride with accessories that truly justify the term “painting the town red”, a wide range of pretty, cute, bling,sparkly, loud, neon, funky, (and any other adjective that truly exemplifies being girly) accessories are available in the market today.

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From floral-print leather car seats, cute Hello Kitty bobble-heads for the dashboard, and floral or paisley pattern steering wheel covers that have a bow on the side for the interior, to pink alloy wheel protectors, customized license plate holders, monogrammed decals, bumper stickers that say, Why should boys have all the fun?and believe it or not, curled car eyelashes with Swarovski crystal-embedded eyeliner for the lamps at the front of your car, for the exterior, girls today have a lot of options if they wish to turn their plain-looking car into a style statement that can make a lot of heads turn. If you are intrigued, and cannot wait to dress up your own car, or you just realized what a great gift something of this sort would make for the special women in your life, we can help point you in the right direction, with a list of online stores where you can shop for merchandise of this kind.

Note:- We have no affliation with any of the sites, nor do we sell any products ourselves. As shopping online is far from free of risk, use discretion while shopping, in terms of providing information, as well as jumping into a purchase.

Where Can I Get These Cool Girly Car Accessories

From the Reigning Monarchs of Online Shopping

1. Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction; this multimillion dollar company that started in 1994 out of the founder’s own garage as a bookstore, now sells anything and everything under the sun. And sure enough, you will be able find a number of fascinating car accessories on this online shopping portal, at very competitive rates. Also, since shipping and fulfillment is generally taken care of by the company itself, rather than the dealer, or store, you can rest assured that the velvet car seat covers embellished with tiny crystals in the shape of a skull that you ordered, to let everyone know you are not a girl to be messed with, will reach you.

2. eBay

eBay too, is a veteran player when it comes to online shopping portals. Although the trend of buying and selling merchandise is slightly different here than on Amazon, with different dealers playing with different marketing strategies, from free shipping to discounts, and being able to bid on items, at the end of the day, the kind of exposure buyers get to various kinds of vendors ensures that they find exactly what they are looking for. That pink leopard print steering wheel cover that you prowled the internet for might be available here too.

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3. Etsy

Now Etsy is completely different from Amazon and eBay. It is essentially a marketplace, where vendors try to push handmade, unique, or one-of-a-kind products by opening stores. Since buyers’ feedback from this particular online shopping portal is mixed, it is suggested that one should check the store’s and product’s reputation before settling on anything, and also use reliable channels for payment. However, once that is taken care of, you can find completely adorable car accessories listed for sale here, and with so many options to choose from, that any girl will feel her inner shopaholic rise, right from the first glance.

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From Dedicated Stores that Sell Them

1. CarDecor

CarDecor is a delightful online store devoted to selling car accessories (mainly for the car interior) that answers the question, “What does a girl want?”. From fruity or floral air conditioner vent-mountable air fresheners to mirror covers and cute antenna ball toppers, this store sells both necessities as well as innovative novelty items that you can truly personalize your car with.

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2. Fabu-licious

While Fabu-licious as a company is not exclusive to car accessories, but also to gifts for women in general, and is based in the U.K. (where they offer free shipping), they have a wonderful collection of girl-centric car accessories, that spans everything from cute seat covers and chicsteering wheel covers to unique-patterned floor mats, chocolate-scented air fresheners, and much more. This website is completely worth your time if you are shopping for all things girly, even if they aren’t related to motor vehicles.

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3. CarLashes

These items are something that will definitely elicit “oohs” and “awwwws” from your special girl when you gift them to her. The pioneers of the completely original concept of viewing your car’s headlights as eyes, and attaching eye lashes on them that make them look coy and pretty, CarLashes has a whole range of different kind of lashes you can dress up your car with, from curled ones to those which have tiny LED light bulbs in them and can be lit up along with your car lamps. They even sell stickers which go behind the front lamps, that have crystals on them, or are all glittery, to give the impression of eyeliner behind the car’s eye lashes.

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4. CustomCreations

Not just men can love their car, according to this exclusive car accessories store which explicitly state that they cater to the needs ofBOTH men and women. And, they are not just true to their word, but they sell exquisite, unique designs especially for women with a finer taste, with Marylin Monroe floor mats, and Swarovski crystal-embedded gear shift covers, shiny, die-shaped car cigarette lighters, and a number of really sophisticated dashboard ornaments forming part of their catalog. At this store you will definitely find something that is quirky, completely ingenious, incredibly useful or simply cute, that you would absolutely want for your car.

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By Getting Them Custom-made

1. CafePress

For those girls who have unique preferences, stereotypical pink car seats and animal print steering wheel covers will not make the cut. For a girl who wishes to accessorize her car with something unique, that would reflect her inner soul, customized designs would be more suitable. CafePress is a good forum not just for people who wish to shop for custom-design products, but also for designers who want to either sell their designs or see their own creations on products. They have an interesting choice of customizable car accessories having unique designs, including decals, bumper stickers, hitch covers, and license plate frames.

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2. PinkCarAccessoriesShop

With pink being every diva’s weakness universally, and splurging on anything pink an indulgence that no girl can resist, PinkCarAccessoriesShop is a store comparable to heaven in the eyes of a quintessential girly girl. They specialize in the entire range of car interior accessories, from the usual ones like seat covers and floor mats to the rarer ones like shift knob covers, sun visor covers, and hand brake covers, in pink color obviously, and with interesting prints. And for those girls who do not want to absolutely overload their car with pink, they do sell the same range of products with custom designs and in non-pink colors too.

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A woman feels no greater rush than that of truly being empowered, and with her car being a symbol of her free spirit, wanting to make it reflect her own inner beauty is nothing but a natural tendency. Girls, do not hold back in pampering yourself, your car, and the people who ride with you, with all the mind-blowing accessories to beautify your motor vehicle with. And men, make your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or daughter feel on top of the world when you gift her something to spruce up her car, or a gift coupon of a store where she can purchase girly car accessories.

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