All You Need to Know About I-70 | (2024)

Interstate 70 (I-70) highway covers 2,150.57 miles and runs from Cove Fort, UT on the west end to


, MD on the east end.

I-70 almost stretches across the whole width of the United States and passes through ten states. This major east-west interstate highway is the fifth-longest interstate in the country! If you happen to be traveling across the entire I-70, there are plenty of interesting pit stops along the way, including cozy restaurants, unique museums, and interesting parks.

We have all the information on I-70, from where it runs to how to create a unique experience as you travel across the country.


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All You Need to Know About I-70 | (2)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (3)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (4)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (5)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (6)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (7)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (8)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (9)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (10)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (11)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (12)

All You Need to Know About I-70 | (13)

What is an interstate highway?

Interstate highways are part of the Interstate Highway System. Since they pass through multiple states, they create a network of controlled-access highways that allows easier travel and shipping of goods across the country.

The numbering system for interstate highways can be confusing at first, but the system is a logical one—in most cases! An interstate highway is numbered with one or two digits—an odd number indicates a north-south route, whereas an even number indicates an east-west route. If the route number is divisible by five, it’s usually a major coast-to-coast or border-to-border route.

What states does I-70 run through?

From Cove Fort, UT on the west end to Baltimore, MD on the east end, I-70 covers a wide area! Below are the ten states that I-70 passes through:

  • Utah

    – 232.15 miles

  • Colorado

    – 450.18 miles

  • Kansas

    – 424.15 miles

  • Illinois

    – 157.33 miles

  • Indiana

    – 156.60 miles

  • Ohio

    – 225.60 miles

  • West Virginia

    – 14.45 miles

  • Pennsylvania

    – 167.92 miles

  • Maryland

    – 93.62 miles


Utah national parks road trip

Major interchanges on I-70

If you’re traveling on I-70 to reach the major cities along the way, knowing which exits to look out for can help you to prepare to get off the interstate. Below are some of the major connections and interchanges you should be familiar with along I-70:

  • I-15 in Cove Ft, UT

  • The Western I-76 in


    , CO

  • I-25 in Denver, CO

  • I-35 in

    Kansas City

    , MO

  • I-55 in

    St Louis

    , MO. They stay joined until


    , IL

  • I-57 in


    , IL

  • I-74 in


    , IN

  • I-65 in Indianapolis, IN

  • I-75 in


    , OH

  • I-71 in


    , OH

  • I-77 in


    , OH

  • I-79 in


    , PA

  • The Eastern I-76 in

    New Stanton

    , PA

  • I-68 in Hanco*ck, MD

  • I-81 in


    , MD

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Best places to eat along I-70

One of the best parts of a long drive is stopping along the way for a meal! There are tons of places to try out the local cuisine on or just off of I-70. Here are a few options:

  • El Five

    (Denver, CO): A Spanish and Eastern Mediterranean restaurant offering small plates and drinks served in a top-floor penthouse. Enjoy the food and an unobstructed view of the city.

  • Root & Bone

    (Indianapolis, IN): A restaurant with trendy industrial vibes that serves thoughtfully-sourced farm-fresh mains and sides.

  • Borgata Pizza Cafe

    (Columbus, OH): Serves NYC-style pies and huge portions of pasta made of the freshest and finest ingredients.

  • 28 South

    (Hagerstown, MD): A contemporary American restaurant inside a historic building that serves locally-sourced food.

  • Dolce - Eastern European Restaurant & Pizza

    (Hagerstown, MD): A cozy family-owned pizza parlor that serves Italian-standard pizza and Eastern European dishes.

Pro Tip While planning your I-70 trip, check that your wishlist restaurants are open the day you visit. You don’t want to arrive at a restaurant only to find out the place just closed half an hour ago. You should also plan a second option in case this happens.

What is there to do on I-70?

With I-70 spanning such a long distance, there are so many different places to see and things to do—especially traveling through major cities like Denver, Indianapolis, and Washington. You can get in touch with the history and culture of different states or enjoy some time outdoors.

Here are just a few examples of things to see along I-70:


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