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A homemade baguette is a true treat! Better yet, this recipe requires only four simple ingredients and absolutely no kneading.

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Baguette is perfect for every occasion. From soups to salads to hearty roast dinners, fresh baked bread is always welcome on our table.

Baguette making can be an extremely time consuming process, but with this no-knead recipe you will cut corners without compromising taste. We are obsessed with the chewy inside and crispy exterior. It’s just like the baguette we had on our last family trip to Paris!

What is Baguette?

If you have eaten at a French restaurant, it’s likely you have tried this iconic bread. Simply put, a baguette is a long, thin loaf of French bread that is characterized by a crisp crust and chewy center. The ingredients are pure and simple, consisting of water, flour, salt and yeast.

How Do You Make Baguettes From Scratch?

This method is the easiest way to make baguette and happens to also be my personal favorite. Follow these simple steps to nail the loaf each time:

  • Mix the dry ingredients together and add water. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit overnight (up to 20 hours) on the countertop in a well oiled bowl.
  • Generously flour your hands and your baking sheet.
  • Form dough into baguette shape (about 12 inches long) and let it rise in a warm place for 1-2 hours. Follow this video tutorial for tips on shaping the dough.
  • Bake in the oven for ten minutes with a pan of boiled water resting on the bottom rack. Remove the water and bake until golden brown.
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DON’T PANIC! The dough will be really sticky and that’s perfectly OK. To make handling it easier, make sure the work surface is really well-floured or wet your hands periodically throughout the shaping process. I also love using a dough scraper for easier handling.

Tips for the Best Baguette

  • Use the right flour. Try using flour with higher protein content to get the best texture. A couple of my favorites include King Arthur or Bobs’ Red Mill. Any Canadian brand will typically fit the bill.
  • Score the top with a very sharp knife. Scoring, or slicing, the top of your baguettes isn’t just for decoration. When you initially shape your bread, you are creating a very taut surface. When you pop your baguette into the oven without scoring the top, the heat causes a burst of gas called an “oven spring” that can rupture the top of the bread and destroy its shape.
  • Freeze and reheat your baguette. I like to bake a couple loaves of bread at once and freeze a couple for later. Reheat them in the oven and they will be just as good as freshly baked bread!
  • Make sure your yeast is fresh. This common mistake happens to the best of us. Over time, active yeast deactivates and loses its ability to make your bread rise and fluff. Always check the label to make sure it’s not expired!
  • Don’t skip the steam bath. The steam bath is crucial to making the outside of your bread crusty. It’s well worth the extra step!

How to Shape The Baguette

Serving Baguette

I probably don’t have to tell you too much about how to enjoy baguette, but here are some of my favorite ways to serve it.

  • European-style butter or high-quality olive oil. Pulgra and Kerrygold are delicious options you can find at most grocery stores.
  • Smoked Salmon Dip. This 15-minute recipe is super easy and features an instructional video with yours truly and my husband, Tim! 😉
  • Slathered with Raspberry Jam. Our recipe only requires 3 simple ingredients and our boys are hooked on it.
  • Alongside a steaming bowl of borscht. It’s sorrel season! Pair a toasty piece of baguette with our schavel borscht.
  • Make a steak sandwich. C’mon, you deserve one!
  • Serve up some bruschetta. Nothing says summer quite like bruschetta made with farmer’s market tomatoes.


Why are my baguettes flat?

When shaping the baguettes you will need to use ample flour to successfully shape the baguettes- have a well floured surface and hands, and keep folding the dough until you get a tight, skinny log/baton shape. Watch this tutorial on shaping the dough.

Why is the dough sticky or wet?

Rest assured it is normal for the dough to be very sticky and wet as this is a high hydration dough. More flour is added when shaping the dough-you will need to have well floured hands and surface when shaping the baguettes.

What if my dough is rising faster than 12-20 hours?

This dough needs ample time to rise because not a lot of yeast is called for. The longer it sits, the better the final texture and taste. You may find that the dough rises much faster if you live in a warmer, humid climate. In this case, the rising time may be closer to 12 hours- you can place the dough into the fridge for the remainder of the rising time, if desired.

Why is the crust so hard?

Baguettes are known for their crispy, golden exterior. If you’d like to soften the crust, wrap your baguettes in a clean kitchen towel after baking.

How many baguettes does this recipe make?

This recipe will easily yield 2-6 baguettes, depending on the size of baguette you prefer!


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No Knead Bread-Baguette

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12 servings

Prep Time 25 minutes mins

Cook Time 40 minutes mins

Total Time 1 hour hr 5 minutes mins

Recipe contributed by: Natalya Drozhzhin

Homemade baguette is a true treat! Better yet, this recipe requires only four simple ingredients and absolutely no kneading.


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  • The night before, combine all ingredients together. First mix the dry ingredients together and then add water. Mix the ingredients until the dough comes together. Cover it with a plastic wrap and let it sit for 12-20 hours on the countertop.

  • The following day, the dough should be wet, sticky and bubbly. Generously flour your hands and the baking sheet.

  • Take the dough (if it sticks, apply more flour to your hands) and form a baguette shape. You will easily get atleast 2-3 baguettes. For tips on shaping the dough, watch this tutorial. Place it on a baking sheet and sprinkle a generous amount of flour on it. Score the top with a sharp knife and cover it with a towel. Let the dough rise in a warm place for 1-2 hours.

  • Preheat the oven to 450 °F. You will need to have 2 shelves in an oven. Fill a deep baking pan with 2 cups of hot boiled water, and place it on the lower rack, inside your oven. This will make the bread crispy on the outside. Place the bread on the middle rack. Remove water from the oven after 10 minutes. Keep on baking the bread for another 30 minutes or until golden crispy brown.

Nutrition Facts

No Knead Bread-Baguette

Amount Per Serving

Calories 230 Calories from Fat 9

% Daily Value*

Fat 1g2%

Saturated Fat 1g5%

Sodium 392mg16%

Potassium 73mg2%

Carbohydrates 48g16%

Fiber 2g8%

Sugar 1g1%

Protein 7g14%

Calcium 11mg1%

Iron 3mg17%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Posted August 11, 2020

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Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (11)

Natalya Drozhzhin

Natalya founded Momsdish to demonstrate that placing a homemade meal on the table is not hard at all. Natalya makes cooking easier and approachable, by simplifying the ingredients, while still producing the same great taste.

  1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (12)

    SeraMar 24, 2024

    My dough is rising way too fast is that ok what should I do about it

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (13)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 25, 2024

      Hey Sera, How quickly did it rise? A cooler spot like the fridge can help slow it down.

  2. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (14)

    Mary BethMar 18, 2024

    Does the dough have to sit out overnight or can you just put the dough in a warm place till it doubles and bake it then?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (15)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 18, 2024

      Hey Mary Beth, For the best flavor and texture a long rise is needed when making baguettes. I highly recommend letting them rise overnight.

  3. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (16)

    DortiMar 17, 2024

    Hi, I just made them today and I used half of the ingredients which gave me 2 baguettes and baking time was 10 minutes shorter. This recipe is sample and easy, the taste is delicious 😋
    Thank you for sharing!
    Definitely I’ll make them again💓

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (17)

      LisMar 19, 2024

      I am glad you were with me! 6 cups flour for 2,3 baguettes? Must be meter-long! 10 plus 30 minutes baking time? My baguettes would start turning black at the 20 minutes!

    2. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (18)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 18, 2024

      Yay! So glad you enjoyed it and will be making it again! Thanks for sharing Dorti.

  4. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (19)

    Christa SaddlerMar 17, 2024

    Can I cut this recipe in half?

  5. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (21)

    imaniMar 15, 2024

    hi! i accidentally added too much flour since i thought it was supposed to be shaggy what should i do?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (22)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 15, 2024

      Hey Imani, How much extra flour did you add? Was the dough sticky or more crumbly? I hope it was salvageable.

  6. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (23)

    shaleiMar 14, 2024

    Hi I was wondering when do you put in the yeast?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (24)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 14, 2024

      Hey Shalei, Add it with the dry ingredients, then add the water. Enjoy!

  7. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (25)

    KatieMar 14, 2024

    My grandmother gave me a fancy baguette maker which I thought was such a weird niche dish to want to buy... but let me tell you, im SO glad I got it from her cause this bread was AMAZING. Started at noon, finished around 2 am and it was so worth it. Made this recipe to use for brushetta but I forgot to oil the pan and it became a mess. Good thing it is delicious by itself!

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (26)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 14, 2024

      Hey Katie, That's so cool! I'm curious how does your baguette maker work? I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed this bread!

  8. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (27)

    GwenMar 12, 2024

    Hi I’m using your recipe for a school project and I was wondering if you use instant yeast or just regular?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (28)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 12, 2024

      Hi Gwen, I use active dry yeast. A school project with food sounds fun, I'd love to hear more about it!

  9. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (29)

    JenMar 10, 2024

    I make this every week! Perfect for soup. So glad you shared! Thank you! 😊

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (30)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 11, 2024

      Nothing better than fresh bread with soup! So happy you make this weekly! 🙂

  10. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (31)

    KateMar 9, 2024

    Hi! I was wondering, do you let the yeast rise or do anything to it before you mix it with the other Ingredients?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (32)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 11, 2024

      Hey Kate, Not in this recipe, - just mix it all together. Enjoy!

  11. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (33)

    JamesMar 8, 2024

    Sorry I have not made this recipe, but just reading the comments and the person who had the doe flatten out just might've had some bad Yeast. If you're yeast is old it will not work, it's why it was sticky and would not form.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (34)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 11, 2024

      Thanks for providing your insight James!

  12. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (35)

    Chantale PickMar 7, 2024

    I've made this recipe several times. My family just loves the crispy outside and the soft inside. I experimented by using 2 1/2 cups of water, but came right back to the 3 cups. They turn out perfect. Thank you for sharing this recipe

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (36)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 8, 2024

      Thanks for sharing your feedback Chantale. I'm glad your family loves the baguettes. And I agree with them - I love the combo of soft yet crispy! 🙂

  13. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (37)

    MarcMar 7, 2024

    Me again from Montreal with follow-up. Easy to make, easy to rollout and easy to bake. I used instant rise yeast and 1/4 extra teaspoon. Baquette turned out great.

    Thanks Mom.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (38)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 7, 2024

      Thanks for sharing Marc! Also, keep the feedback coming, -I love it! 🙂

      1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (39)

        MarcMar 8, 2024

        However, I was not able to achieve that golden colour one generally associates with baguettes. Wondering if I brushed on an egg wash prior to baking. How's about a recipe for Pain Parisien ??

        1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (40)

          Natalya DrozhzhinMar 8, 2024

          Perhaps your oven temperature needs to be slightly higher to achieve that golden color, but egg washes are a great way to add color as well. I currently don't have a recipe for pain parisien - but thanks for the idea!

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (42)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 7, 2024

      Thanks for the feedback Elly. So happy to hear the baguette was a first-time success!

  14. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (43)

    ZoeMar 6, 2024

    Just made this and it turned out amazing. It made 4 big ones that I can use for delicious sandwiches. Is there a specific way to store the extras for a few days?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (44)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 6, 2024

      Hey Zoe, I'm glad these worked out for you! Nothing better than fresh baguettes! I store them in paper bags, or bread box. You can freeze them as well for long term storage.

      1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (45)

        GabrielleMar 21, 2024

        How long can they be stored at room temp (in paper bags)? Deciding if i should freeze or not

        1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (46)

          Natalya DrozhzhinMar 21, 2024

          Ideally eaten within a day. After 1-2 days I toast the bread or use it in baked open faced sandwiches, or make croutons.

  15. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (47)

    Judy VanderhovenMar 5, 2024

    This page was pretty much unreadable because of all the ads.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (48)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 6, 2024

      Hey Judy, I appreciate your feedback! We strive to make our blog user friendly while providing valuable content and supporting the blog's maintenance costs through advertisem*nts.

  16. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (49)

    MarcMar 3, 2024

    Greetings from Montréal. Quick question. Rapid rise yeast versus regular. I suspect you use rapid since you make no mention of "proofing" the yeast. Any comment?

    Merci beaucoup et bonne appétit.


    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (50)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 4, 2024

      Hi Marc! I use active dry yeast -it's linked in the ingredients section.

  17. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (51)

    DebraMar 1, 2024

    This will sound like a ridiculous question HOWEVER, here goes: the top instructions say in a well oiled bowl. In the lower area it doesn’t mention the oil. So I’m wondering if I mix all the ingredients and then turn it into a well oiled bowl? I’m dying to attempt this bread so if anyone sees this question pls let me know what you think! THANK YOU!!

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (52)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 1, 2024

      Hi Debra, you dont have to oil the bowl. You could move the dough to another bowl. Personally, I dont move it most of the time. For a lot of people, it makes it easier down the road. Hope this helps. 🙂

  18. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (53)

    PatFeb 29, 2024

    Love this. Recepie made it several times with no issues I have used Robin Hood flour thank you for posting recepie

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (54)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 29, 2024

      Thanks for sharing Pat. I'm glad this recipe is a repeated success for you!

  19. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (55)

    KorvusFeb 29, 2024

    This recipe is god awful. I followed it exactly, step by step, tried all the troubleshooting provided, watched the video tutorials, everything. During no step did my dough look anything like the pictures, even though I followed the measurements exactly. I know the dough was supposed to be wet and sticky, but it was SO sticky that you literally can't form any shape whatsoever and you can't work it in your hands because it just sticks to your hands and the bowl constantly. The dough does not keep a shape at all. Every attempt I made to get it into a baguette shape, it simply melted into a flat blob. I can't even imagine how horrible it's gonna look when baked. I've had years of baking experience, I've made breads before, and I've never had a recipe turn out this awful.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (56)

      JamesMar 8, 2024

      Your Yeast was old and wouldn't activate.

    2. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (57)

      EmMar 1, 2024

      Calling it awful just because it did not work out for you is rude. I have made this twice and it turned out successful. I did not use the flour the recipe suggested but the trick was to add the water little by little until I got a workable dough consistency. I don't have years of baking experience, but it worked for me. 😅

    3. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (58)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 29, 2024

      Hi Korvus, I am so sorry that you were struggling with this recipe. Which brand of flour did you use? Depending on the brand of flour, you may need to add a bit more. Its hard to make suggestions without seen the entire process. It sounds like the work surface wasn't floured during shaping? Also, you can oil or wet your hands to make the shaping process easier, hope this helps in the future.

      1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (59)

        KorvusFeb 29, 2024

        The store was out of the flour suggested, so I used the all purpose flour I use for everything, including other breads, with no issue. My hands and surfaces were beyond floured, I even added several extra cups of flour to the bread and it was still beyond sticky and wouldn't hold any shape. They're in the oven now and just melted into each other, and harder than rocks. I couldn't even score the bread because the cuts just melted. I'm just baffled really. Never in my life has a recipe gone so poorly.

        1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (60)

          Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 29, 2024

          Thank you for sharing this with me. This recipe has been on our rotation and I it is sticky but manageable. I am not sure why it didnt work out well for you. The only thing I can think of is the type of flour. When I bake at my in-laws and they dont have the brand I am use to, the bread never comes out as good. Do you know the brand? I think it would help others to know. Thanks for your feedback.

  20. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (61)

    JulesFeb 21, 2024

    I am trying your recipe, with high hopes, but honestly having to wade through 30+ ad windows is trying my patience.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (62)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 21, 2024

      Hey Jules, Click on the "jump to recipe" option under the title and it'll take you directly to the recipe. I hope this helps. 🙂

  21. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (63)

    GwenFeb 19, 2024

    Loved this bread. I have to work on my technique of shaping them, but they turned out great.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (64)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 20, 2024

      Hey Gwen, So happy to hear you love this bread! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (65)

    Debi SFeb 16, 2024

    I just took mine out of the oven, they look amazing and smell even better! I read all the comments about using extra flour and I believe that helped my success here. I made a half batch because I was worried after reading the tips. Next time I am making a whole batch and sharing with my neighbors. Thank you everyone.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (66)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 16, 2024

      Thanks for the feedback Debi. Sharing with your neighbors sounds like a lovely idea!

  23. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (67)

    AmyFeb 14, 2024

    Great recipe But No Need for plastic wrap!
    What did we use prior to plastic wrap?
    Yes a towel over the top works just as well. People think. This plant doesn't need plastic wrap over every loaf of bread made.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (68)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 14, 2024

      Hi Amy, I like this perspective, thank you for sharing your feedback!

  24. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (69)

    GabbyFeb 11, 2024

    My dough is very soft, and it doesn't have a nice baguette shape. It's flattening during the second proofing process. What did I wrong? Maybe I havetouse more flour? (I used king arthur organic bread flour)

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (70)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 12, 2024

      Hey Gabby, I would try adding some more flour! I hope this helps.

  25. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (71)

    SamFeb 9, 2024

    Love the recipe. Super simple. Are there any changes to the recipe if I substitute whole wheat flour say with a 75 whole wheat/25 AP split?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (72)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 9, 2024

      Hey Sam, So grateful to hear you love this recipe. If you're looking for a whole wheat baguette, I would recommend trying our whole wheat baguette recipe:…

  26. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (73)

    CarolynFeb 7, 2024

    Can I let it sit on the counter for 24-26 hours?

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (74)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 7, 2024

      Hey Carolyn, If you must keep it out longer, I'd place it in the fridge after about 12 hours.

  27. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (75)

    LidiaFeb 5, 2024

    After reading other recipes I think I know what's wrong: the steam. The pan with hot water should go in the oven 5-10 minutes before the baguettes so it has time to come back up to boiling temperature and steam the oven. I will try a 3rd time.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (76)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 6, 2024

      Hi, I think you can also lower temperature, some ovens run at higher temperature than others. They also soften as they cool off.Depending on their size, you can reduce baking time as well. Hope the pointers are helpful.

  28. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (77)

    LidiaFeb 5, 2024

    I followed your recipe exactly for the second time. My baguettes came out hard as rocks. I wish I could upload a picture to get your feedback as to what may have gone wrong.

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (78)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 6, 2024

      Hi Lidia, you can try lowering temperature. Also, as they cool down they may soften a bit.

  29. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (79)

    BethFeb 4, 2024

    Hi! This recipe looks great. Could I bake the loaves in a large preheated Dutch oven, rather than put water in the oven? Thanks!

    1. Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (80)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 5, 2024

      Hey Beth, The steam bath helps create the crusty exterior, so I don't skip it when making baguettes. I have not made baguettes in a Dutch oven because my long shape wouldn't fit in the ones I have.

Baguette (The Easiest Recipe) (2024)


What is the secret of best baguette? ›

One of the secrets of a great baguette is to start with a sponge (a mix of flour, water, and yeast), which gives the yeast time to mature and combine with the other ingredients, creating the mildly sour and nutty flavors and chewy texture.

What makes a good baguette? ›

It should be long and skinny (55 to 60cm would be traditional but is uncommon in these days of shorter baguettes) with a crisp crust, nice brown exterior color, and a moist, cream-colored crumb with an irregular structure. It's best eaten within a few hours once it's out of the oven.

What is the baguette rule? ›

The French bread law

The law states that traditional baguettes have to be made on the premises they're sold and can only be made with four ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt and yeast. They can't be frozen at any stage or contain additives or preservatives, which also means they go stale within 24 hours.

What is the difference between a French baguette and a classic baguette? ›

First and foremost, the flour used in France is of very high quality. But the major difference between French and an American baguette is the fermentation process. Most French bakers use a poolish process, which consists of a mix of yeast and water that's allowed to ferment overnight.

What kind of flour is best for baguettes? ›

Overall, the ideal flour for baguettes should have a moderate protein content, a fine texture, and should be of high quality. While traditional French type 55 flour is the ideal choice, a combination of all-purpose and bread flour can also work well in its place.

What flour is best for baguettes? ›

This percentage straddles the line between most American all-purpose flours and bread flours, but King Arthur all-purpose flour (the one in the red bag), with its higher-than-normal 11.7% protein, actually makes an excellent baguette flour. If you can't find that one for some reason, use bread flour instead.

Why is baguette unhealthy? ›

It's important to note that baguettes are particularly high in carbohydrates and sodium, so you should choose your portion size based on your diet and overall health goals. In terms of portion size, keep in mind that a full-sized baguette can contain between 4 to 8 servings per baguette.

Is baguette hard to make? ›

it's nothing complicated, you mix the yeast, flour and water, and leave that to ferment overnight for about 12-36 hours. This is great for adding extra flavour to your dough and helping to build the structure. In my opinion, it's very difficult to get close to a good baguette if you skip this stage.

Why are my baguettes chewy? ›

The flour you used may have contained too much protein. Protein is one of the ingredients that help yeast bread brown. Use bread flour that is purchased at a grocery store or a national brand of all-purpose flour.

What do French eat with baguette? ›

The baguette is one of France's most-loved loaves and is eaten throughout the day. Baguettes can be eaten as early as breakfast time—often toasted, buttered, and dunked in coffee. It's a source of carbohydrates and the fiber necessary to start the day off right! Fruit jam can also be added for an extra treat.

How long must a baguette be? ›

It is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust. A baguette has a diameter of about 5 to 6 cm (2–21⁄2 in) and a usual length of about 65 cm (26 in), but can be up to 1 m (39 in) long.

What does baguette mean in slang? ›

(ethnic slur, mildly offensive, slang) A French person, or a person of French descent.

What kind of bread is Panera baguette? ›

Scored and baked to perfection, this classic French bread baguette has a thin crust and robust flavor. Available as a whole loaf of French baguette bread, this dairy free bread is vegetarian and is made with no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors from artificial sources.

What is a Louisiana baguette? ›

This thin-crusted variety of French Bread—more commonly known as the Baguette, Po' Boy Loaf or Sunday Cap Bread—is fundamental to the New Orleans gastronomy. Each version of the French bread is slightly different. The baguette is the traditional 18-inch loaf that is served in many New Orleans restaurants.

What type of baguette is Panera? ›

Panera French Baguette offers a wealth of meal preparations, from appetizers and sandwiches to the ideal pairing for a soup or salad. Scored and baked to perfection, this French bread baguette has a thin crust. Available as a whole loaf, this dairy free bread is vegetarian.

Why are baguettes so much better in France? ›

In France, bakers pay careful attention to where their flour is made and which grains are used in the milling process. The result is usually softer, heartier, and tastier bread than can be found in other parts of the world. French flour tends to be made with a lower ash content than the flour from other countries.

How do you get the golden crust on a baguette? ›

Use steam: To create steam in your oven, place a tray of hot water on the bottom rack of your oven or spray water on the sides and bottom of the oven right before putting the bread in the oven. The steam helps create a crisp crust on the bread.

Is bread flour or all-purpose flour better for baguettes? ›

Like the focaccia, the baguettes made with bread flour had a much more open crumb and springier, chewier texture, and the scores (the marks on the top of the loaf) opened up more. The dough made with bread flour was much easier to shape; meanwhile, the dough made with all-purpose flour was stickier and slacker.

What is the most famous French baguette? ›

The Best Paris Baguettes – 2023 Winners
  • Le Grenier de Félix, 4 avenue Félix Faure, 75015.
  • Boulangerie Kilani, 191 Rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011.
  • Les Saveurs de Lévis, 41 Rue de Lévis, 75017.
  • 41 Rue de Lévis, 75017, 4 boulevard de Port-Royal, 75005.
  • Le Délice de Bagnolet, 42 boulevard Mortier, 75020.


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