BORN AND RAISED IN HELL - Chapter 20 Master The Powers - Page 2 (2024)


Although he manged to avoid it he goes into shock as he sees it heading for Octavia... But you managed to catch it... But the thing was really hot, thankfully you have incredible high tolerance for pain.

You put it down and looked at her


Stolas : ( walks up to her) Octavia are you ok

Octavia : Yeah... Thank you Y/N

You: no problem ( Looksnat Stella) What the hell Is wrong with you?... You could have hurt her.

Stella : You mind your own damm business... Stolas you imp sucking ass wipe... It's bad enough you sleep with an Imp... Now you let more of them in our house and make them have breakfast with us as well.

You looked over and saw your family and Blitz eating pancakes, and they were just ignoring all the yelling and stuff that were being thrown.

You : they are only having breakfast and after that they will be heading home.... But not me... I'm staying for a while.

Stella : Your staying?... Why?

You: Stolas is gonna help me. And that's all you need to know.

Stella : Hmm... Fine, I don't really give a sh*t.

She then walks off... But as she leaves she secretly had a smile.

You : Ugh... I swear to god Stolas how do you not just shoot that woman.

Stolas : Trust me... Your not the only one who thinks this.

Octavia : Dad!!

Stolas : Well I'm sorry Via but it's true.

You : Ok ok... Lets just drop it... Lets just have a nice and quite breakfast please.

They all sat down and started to eat... As they were eating Millie then asked the prince something.

Millie : So your Majesty?... What kind of things will you be teaching him.

Stolas : I will start of with the Basics. First meditation, training the mind first, then physically training in hand to hand combat. Weapons and tatcticts. And the most important one.... Magic using and how to cast spells.
But for a human to learn how to use them... It may take a while. Possibly a few months

Blitz : Months?... Whoa Whoa... Hold on a second... Look Stolas I know you said that he needs to learn to control his powers and all that but Y/N Is my third best employee... I need him for jobs.

Stolas : Well I'm sorry Blitzy... But your just going to have to make do with the others.

Moxxie : Well, can we at the very least drop some of his stuff with him.. Clothes and such.

Stolas : Yes of course, and don't worry your son will be in good hands.

Later on that day I-M-P Gang went back home and then came back to Goetia Manner with some of your clothes and such.

As you got your stuff your mom Millie speaks to you.

Millie : Now sweetie please make sure to listen to The prince and do as he tells you.. And make sure to be safe... Aslo make sure to eat your veggies and brush your teeth ( Now she just started to ramble like a super concern mother)

You : Mom mom, MOM.... il be OK... Please have a litte faith in me.

Millie : OK..... Oh come here though ( she pulls you into a hug and you hug back)

Moxxie pulls her away but she had a strong grip on you... She then let's you go and Moxxie was next to Speak.

Moxxie : When you get a chance, come home from time to time....and be safe as well.

You : I will... Thanks Dad.

Moxie Smiles and hugs you and you hugged back.

He let's you go and now it was Loona was next to speak.

Loona : So uhh.... Guess I won't be seeing you for a while... That sucks.

You: Yeah.... But it is what it is.

Loona : So... Listen, umm... ( she tried to find the words but it was a bit hard for her)... Actually can I whisper it to you.

You : Yeah sure ( she leans in and whisper it)

Loona: ( Whispered ) When you get the chance... You maybe wanna go out on a date some day.

( this was a bit of a surprise for you but you keep it cool)

You: Oh.... Yeah sure... No problem.

Loona : Great... Thanks ( she hugs him... And you hugged back)

Blitz : Hey hey... Watch where you out your hands on her.

You: ( let's her go) calm down man it's just a hug.

Next up was Blitz

Blitz : Sigh.... Look I know I dint say this a lot but.... I care about you... A lot... And yeah I know I can be a real pain in the ass some times but I wish you the best and you get strong... And when you get the chance come over to IMP and do some work with us... And maybe hang out with us from Time to time.

You : Boss man I'm not leaving you forever... I'm just gonna be here for a while that's all.

Blitz: I know I know... Dammit see what I mean... I stink at these.

You : No no I get what you mean... And don't worry il be OK.

Blitz just gives you a small hug and you hugged him back and he let's go as the others then leave.

As they leave Millie Sticks her head out the van and she waves at you with a smile and a tear in her eye. It's like seeing your kid grow up and start his own life.

You smiled at her and waved back

Stolas and Octavia come near you and they rested a hand on your shoulder.

Stolas : Come.. Lets go inside.

They then lead you inside the house.

Meanwhile inside the master bedroom, Stella was watching you as you went in.

Stella : *Hmm... So He's the one Destined to be The god of hell ( she looks over a book about demons and ancient God's and sees an image about a Demon god Named Malideos and he too bear that same Mark as Y/N

BORN AND RAISED IN HELL - Chapter 20 Master The Powers - Page 2 (1)

She wasn't sure why... But just looking at the image... She blushed and was breathing hard, as she remembers how you pinned her against the wall twice... That strength, the power and dominance you were excuding.... It was a Massive turn on for her.

Stella : ( she was so deep in her mind she didn't even realise she was playing with her boobs) *Ahh~.... Ahh~.... I have to make him fall for me... No matter what... ( she then snaps back to reality)... sh*t.. Control yourself Stella, first you need to deal With Stolas *


BORN AND RAISED IN HELL - Chapter 20 Master The Powers  - Page 2 (2024)


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