MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries/Kestrel Lancers Missions (2024)


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Operation: GALAHAD
    • 2.1 Offer to Join the AFFS
    • 2.2 Depart for Avigait
    • 2.3 Avigait
    • 2.4 Operation: GALAHAD Complete
  • 3 Operation: RAT
    • 3.1 Happy New Year
    • 3.2 Call to Arms
    • 3.3 Welcome to the Second Crucis Lancers
    • 3.4 Tikonov
    • 3.5 Tikonov Surrenders
    • 3.6 Tigress
    • 3.7 New Assignment
    • 3.8 Sarna
    • 3.9 Message from Marshal Jackson Davion
    • 3.10 Message from Ardan Sortek


MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Kestrel Lancers Missions details the unique campaign featured in Legend of the Kestrel Lancers. Separate from the game's main campaign story, the player again takes the role of Commander Jake Mason of Nik's Cavaliers, succeeding in rebuilding the unit after the death of his father, Nikolai Mason, and their shattering on De Berry.

At its base, the Kestrel Lancers Missions are a series of multiple mission operations with extensively scripted events and unique map layouts on an exceedingly tight timetable. As the game itself warns, the player must maintain a stable of multiple pilots and 'Mechs with gaps between missions only long enough for minimal repairs or light injuries to be healed. Aside from the longer gaps when traveling between systems, extensive refits and lengthy pilot recovery can sideline a significant portion of your strength for multiple missions, requiring careful management of resources.

Aside from these missions, seven additional High Reward Quests were included with Legend of the Kestrel Lancers. All content can be played in both Campaign and Career Modes.

Operation: GALAHAD[edit]

Offer to Join the AFFS[edit]

Date of Transmission: 1 April 3026
Transmission Expires: 12 October 3026

As the Third Succession War splutters to a halt in 3026 and Mercenary Review Board contracts dry up, Mason is approached by Colonel Ardan Sortek of the Federated Suns with a contract offer from First Prince Hanse Davion himself to take part as an aggressor force in the Operation GALAHAD wargames against Federated Commonwealth forces.

Note: Once Sortek's offer is accepted, the player is immediately locked into the first part of the Kestrel Lancers campaign through October 20 and cannot take on additional contracts or travel freely. Ignoring the contract prevents the player from participating in any further Kestrel Lancers missions.

Depart for Avigait[edit]

After Mason accepts the FedSun contract on Lee, Colonel Sortek recalls his father's services alongside the Crater Cobras during the Battle of Halstead Station in 3013 and explains both mercenary units will be fighting together again on Avigait where Sortek will personally oversee the wargames there, offering full repair and transportation expenses to both units.


Date of Arrival: 22 October 3026
  • Employer: House Davion
  • Targeting: FedCom Coalition (Subsidiary of Federated Commonwealth)
  • Mission Brief: The Cavaliers and Crater Cobras are charged with defending a decommissioned orbital defense system from a combined Federated Commonwealth attack, with the wargames continuing until the Field Commander of either side is defeated.
  • Rewards: 1,810,000 C-bills, 200 Reputation, six Tier 3 medium lasers, three Tier 3 SRM-6, one Tier 3 AC/10, two Tier 3 large lasers, three tons of SRM ammo, three tons of AC/10 ammo
  • Mission 1: 200 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 35 Defense Mission to assist the Crater Cobras in defending an orbital defense emplacement from a combined attack by the Twelfth Donegal Guards and Second Crucis Lancers.
  • Mission 2: 220 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 35 Assassination Mission in which Colonel Richard Westrick and his Crater Cobras attack the coalition HQ as a distraction, drawing off the Donegal Guards and Crucis Lancers and allowing the Cavaliers to launch a surgical strike to eliminate Colonel Sortek and his LosTech-enhanced Dragon Slayer to win the wargames for the mercenary side.

Operation: GALAHAD Complete[edit]

Impressed with the performance of both mercenary units, Colonel Sortek advises that the Federated Suns are interested in offering a long-term contract to the Cavaliers in 3028, assuming they can field multiple lances worth of pilots and can boast a roster of ten combat ready BattleMechs by that time.

Operation: RAT[edit]

Happy New Year[edit]

Date of Transmission: 1 January 3028

Cavalier CO Ryana Campbell wishes Mason a Happy New Year and reminds him of the FedSun contract, pointing out that they likely only have a few months to complete other contracts and build up their strength to level required to accept it.

Call to Arms[edit]

Date of Transmission: 15 March 3028
Transmission Expires: 23 September 3028

On behalf of First Prince Davion, Ardan Sortek offers the Cavaliers a two year exclusive contract within the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth which will see them integrated with a weakened and rebuilding AFFS RCT.

Note: The player has roughly six months to accept or ignore this contract, providing a limited window for further preparation. Once Sortek's offer is accepted, the player is immediately locked into the Kestrel Lancers campaign for the two year duration and cannot take on additional contracts or travel freely.

Welcome to the Second Crucis Lancers[edit]

Marshal Jackson Davion welcomes Mason to the Second Crucis Lancers as the Cavaliers will serve out their FedSun contract as an independent Special Operations BattleMech unit in the Kestrel Lancers under Davion's command, technically still mercenaries but on paper adding much needed strengthening to the depleted command. While not saying much more with Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner's wedding still months away, Jackson advises Mason to prepare for an extended campaign, with his 'Mechs repaired or undergoing refit before boarding a Command Circuit that will take them to Crucis Lancers' home base of Mira.

Employer: House Davion
Targeting: House Liao


Date of Arrival: 24 September 3028
  • Mission Brief: As the Fourth Succession War begins and Operation RAT is set in motion, the Cavaliers along with the rest of the Second Crucis Lancers join the other seven Crucis Lancer RCTs to take the Capellan Confederation 'Mech producing fortress of Tikonov, a world that has resisted all previous attempts at capture.
  • Rewards: 304,825 C-bills, 300 Reputation, CTF-1X Cataphract, one Tier 3 ER PPC, one Tier 3 AC/10-BF, three tons of AC/10 ammo
  • Mission 1: 245 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 40 Raid Mission to destroy the anti-DropShip Orbital Cannons on Doriya, Tikonov's first moon, to allow the Lancer DropShips to land on Tikonov, facing off against the system's battle-hardened planetary militia.
  • Mission 2: 250 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 60 Assassination-like Mission in which the Second Crucis Lancers are assigned to capture the mountain mining town of Gizhiga by destroying the entrenched Ariana Grenadiers. Capellan Confederation Strategic Director Pavel Ridzik flees off-world as the battle turns in favor of the Davion forces.
  • Mission 3: 255 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 50 Assassination-like Mission to secure a previously unknown Earthwerks Limited BattleMech plant hidden in the Kazan mountain range near Gizhiga. Despite their inexperience, the Second Crucis Lancers are the closest unit and are tapped to capture the plant before the trapped CCAF forces can resupply or destroy it to prevent it from falling into Federated Suns hands.

Tikonov Surrenders[edit]

Following the final surrender of Tikonov, Jackson Davion reveals to Mason that after a month of R&R the Second Crucis Lancers will be shipping out, warning him to use the time well to purchase supplies, hire any replacement pilots and prepare 'Mechs for the next challenge in 64 days.


Date of Arrival: 23 December 3028
  • Mission Brief: Accompanied by the Third Crucis Lancers, the Cavaliers and the rest of the Kestrel Lancers are charged with the capture of the Confederation world of Tigress. While a softer target than Tikonov, attacking with only two Lancer RCTs will make it a difficult enough challenge.
  • Rewards: 304,825 C-bills, 400 Reputation, ZEU-6S Zeus, two Tier 4 LRM-15-ST, four Tier 4 medium lasers, one Tier 4 large laser, three tons of LRM ammo
  • Mission 1: 265 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 60 Assassination-like Mission joining the Second to scout the planned location of their forward operating base in Yuolor's Grove for the offensive against the Four Cities, only to find themselves walking straight into a Kerr's Intruders ambush.
  • Mission 2: 270 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 70 Raid Mission to strike 20 power generators at the center of the Four Cities that power the entire region, with Marshal Davion's forces setting up a blockade to draw out existing defenders. Meanwhile, the Third Crucis Lancers find themselves under heavy pressure from Warrior House Hiritsu and Laurel's Legion, unable to advance far from their drop zone and now preparing for a Liao counteroffensive.
  • Mission 3: 275 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 60 Raid Mission to destroy a number of satellite relays. With all of Operation RAT potentially at risk after House Hiritsu was able to overrun the Third's HQ and unwittingly acquire the unit's MIIO codebooks, a Maskirovka Crisis Team edict that all intel must first be decrypted before being forwarded to Sian provides a brief window to locate the planet's Maskirovka base before they realize what they have and transmit the data off-world. The rest of the Second is still tied up with the invasion of Tigress, leaving the Cavaliers to perform this crucial mission solo.

New Assignment[edit]

With the Cavaliers attack forcing Tigress's Maskirovka team to send the still-encrypted files to Sarna for processing and the Second Crucis Lancers still tied up on Tigress, Jackson Davion enlists Mason and his unit for a exceedingly risky mission: travel to Sarna alone to destroy the Third Crucis' stolen codebooks to preserve Operation RAT. With the planet due to come under attack any day by the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers who are already under a communications blackout, Davion is forced to send the Cavaliers in blind on a 140-day trip to hopefully link up with the Fusiliers before the Capellans can crack the codebooks.


Date of Arrival: 20 June 3029
  • Mission Brief: Reaching Sarna, the Cavaliers learn the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers and their supporting mercenaries, the Screaming Eagles and Crater Cobras, were all but defeated by the combined regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry. Even worse, some Fusiliers have inexplicably gone rogue and destroyed the planet's HPG. Cut off from any possibility of reinforcement and outnumbered, the Cavaliers are forced to land on the hostile world hoping some Davion survivors can aid them in their mission.
  • Mission 1: 290 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 60 Warzone-like Mission to investigate a faint and unencoded SOS seemingly from the Fusiliers that could just as easily be a Capellan trap. The Cavaliers find that its both when they link up the last survivors of the Fusiliers under the command of Captain Alanna Damu, but that the Capellans tracked their DropShip to them.
  • Mission 1 Rewards: 1,304,825 C-bills, 2,500 Reputation, pilot Lt. Miasto Stabjorn (37/47)
  • Mission 2: 295 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 60 Warzone-like Mission to aid Captain Damu in connecting with the elements of the Fusiliers who destroyed Sarna's HPG. Needing the help of even rogue troops if they hope to survive, the Cavaliers and Fusiliers instead discover their loyalties lie elsewhere and that they are willing to do anything to cover their tracks.
  • Mission 3: 300 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 70 Raid Mission against the Maskirovka headquarters on Sarna. Putting the few survivors of the rogue "Fifth" under enhanced interrogation provides depressingly few answers to their origins but does reveal the location of the Maskirovka HQ and that the codebooks remain encrypted, with Damu agreeing to provide Fusiliers commandos to help the Cavaliers complete their primary mission.
  • Mission 4: 310 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 75 Warzone-like Mission to link up with and support Colonel Westrick and the remains of his exhausted Crater Cobras holding out in the hull of a long-downed WarShip against a Capellan attack. Though their is mission complete, the Cavaliers are still trapped on Sarna without hope of rescue. Learning that the Crater Cobras are still alive, Captain Damu asks Mason to fly ahead and make initial contact with them to plan a rendezvous point, while Damu slowly prepares her forces, which includes wounded and prisoners, for transport.
  • Mission 4 Rewards: 1,504,825 C-bills, 250 Reputation, pilot Capt. Milla Serena (38/47)
  • Mission 5: 320 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 85 Raid Mission to destroy a number of regional jamming arrays. Thankful for the save, Westrick reveals that long-range communications capable of reaching the system's Jump Point are blocked by heavy Capellan ECM. Offering a month to prepare, Westrick suggests a repeat of the GALAHAD tactic with the Cobras luring the Big Mac away to open a window for Mason to bring the jammers down, though warning the Capellans will quickly deduce what is occurring when they strike.
  • Mission 6: 350 Tonnage Limit, Difficulty 80 Warzone-like Mission to hold the line against the final Capellan assault. With the ECM gone revealing Ardan Sortek on approach with the Davion Heavy Guard, McCarron's Armored Cavalry knows its only hope of victory now lies in first eliminating the Davion forces on-world. Despite having experienced six months of hard fighting, the few survivors of the Fusiliers, Cobras, and Mason's troops must hold on until the Heavy Guards perform their drop in the face of the desperate Capellan push.

Note: The last two missions are played consecutively without any time to repair damaged 'Mechs.

Message from Marshal Jackson Davion[edit]

Date of Completion: 8 December 3029
Rewards: 3,200,560 C-bills, 1,000 Reputation, one Tier 5 ER large laser, one Tier 5 UAC/5, one Tier 5 LRM-20 with Artemis IV, one Tier 4 LB 10-X, ten double heat sinks, three tons of LRM Artemis ammo, three tons of UAC/5 ammo, three tons of LB 10-X AC ammo

Jackson Davion is overjoyed to learn the Cavaliers survived the Sarna Campaign, issuing a canned debriefing from Tigress discussing the destruction of the HPG and the postwar economic crisis that means the Second Crucis Lancers will technically disbanded, existing only on paper with its troops reassigned to the Third Crucis Lancers. Furthermore, the AFFS can no longer financially support the final four months of the Cavaliers exclusive contract and is exercising the cancellation clause. While disappointed, Davion remains upbeat that the Second will be rebuilt again and thanks Mason for his efforts to keep the Kestrel Lancers' legend alive.

Message from Ardan Sortek[edit]

Rewards: 304,825 C-bills, 1,000 Reputation, one Tier 4 LB 10-X AC, three tons of LB 10-X AC ammo

Ardan Sortek offers his condolences for the contract being cut short while also relaying a message from First Prince Hanse Davion. While commending the Cavaliers on their good work on behalf of the Second Crucis Lancers, large amounts of the campaign are to be expunged from the official record and classified as top secret, never to be mentioned or talked about again. Once the unification of the Federated Commonwealth is final, the Cavaliers are offered a place among them if they choose to join their cause.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries/Kestrel Lancers Missions (2024)


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